Universals Studios Backlot Photo Shoot - Western Set

Universals Studios Backlot Photo Shoot - Western Set


I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran and have been to two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have honorably served this country to the best of my ability. I look forward to the career that lies ahead of me. 

I reside in the city of Los Angeles, California. My main focus is in set and still photography for the movie industry. 

I started in August of 2012, during my time in the Film Making Program at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles Campus. When my fellow colleagues needed a set photographer for their film projects, I stepped up to the plate and picked up a DSLR camera and started shooting for their projects. That is when I found my passion for photography.

As I waited for the year to end, I transferred over to the Photography Program at the academy and continued my studies there. The people who I look up to in the related field are Douglas Kirkland, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Gilden, Philip-Lorca Dicorcia and Gregory Crewdson.