Built 2 Grind - Fun Takes with Kayc and Kat

The Built 2 Grind (B2G) Shoot is one of my best highlight for 2016. Thanks to DL da Arsun and Donna Lago; Owners of Built 2 Grind and apparels. We have met on a whim at Universal Studios Citywalk and just started talking about random things. One things led to another and we have scheduled a shoot for B2G Apparel. It was a success on both ends. As months  progress, B2G was featured on Kaboom Magazine. Kaboom Magazine (Click here). It is pretty cool to see your work on a published site. The only difference is that the photos that I am about to share are outtakes from the shoot. There are a few who were not in these photos due to time constraints. 


Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to work with you all in the near future.