M.I.A. - Missing in Action

I hope everyone has been well. The following post are some of the reasons why I have been MIA from photography.  

Hospital Visits.
As of now, my life has been a truly a roller-coaster. I have been sleep deprived and over-worked these past couple of weeks. And I have been trying my best to follow my goals. But my health has been affecting my ways. Been going in and out of the hospital to be seen and checked. Overall, I am well by the doctors standards. But mentally, I do not think I am. 

The incident happen last year about a month or two after my last post. The Restoration. Kind of a coincidence. I will not go into details, but I will just say this. It was an unpleasant feeling and I thought I was not going to live the next day. But I am here today and here to push through.

The LA Heat Wave.
The heat wave in Los Angeles, California has been an issue with me. Which is pretty common for most people. It is a common seasonal happening. The heat has been creating issues with my sleeping habit. Insomnia mode like it is cool! Not cool at all! I have no air condition at my place. Just an ordinary fan that I put up on my window every night and day just to bring in the cool air in my place. Reminds me of the days that I was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nothing but a fan and buckets of ice from the chow tent. 

Social Media is Poisoning.
Social Media has also been a part of this category for me being M.I.A. Social Media has been really poisoning to my health and lifestyle. I have been really hurting my mind with all these things happening. The whole "I Wish!" I wish I had a girl like that! I wish I had that kind of car! I wish had that type of money! I wish for many things, but they do not appear. Cause I have to work hard for mostly everything. But no one to guide me to the right path. 

Work has been taking too much of my time from my main passion. And I still wish photography was my main income but it is my secondary job. My main job is my priority because it brings me a steady income compared to my photography. Where almost no one pays for my work. Not even tips. My hospital visits. Social Media Poisoning of jealousy. The Heat Wave. All of these have played a major role of me being M.I.A. But recently, I have hopped back into my photography, trying my best to get things back in motion. 

P.S. Sleep is not overrated, it is essential. Take care of your body. Hydrate and add in electrolytes to your drinks.