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November 8, 2016 - Election Night: Aftermath (NSFW, Explicit)

This day was a historic moment of time. Between two parties. Republican Donald J. Trump and Democratic Hillary R. Clinton. The first non-political person to run and first female to run for presidency. Each parties rivalries were mutual among each other. Either win would cause an uproar. With every new election, comes a new revolution. As the nation always looking for peace, but always ends up on the short end. The results never end on a happy note. 

Voyage LA Magazine - Interview

Last month in September, I was interviewed by Voyage LA Magazine. I honestly did not expect much from this. I really thought this was a fluke. When I saw the email by them, my first instinct was like, "Is this a mistake?"  But I followed through and emailed them back. And sure enough they were a legit company. I went through the interview process and over time it took days and weeks. During the interview, it did feel like I was being played. Had a whole bunch of "what ifs." They have always contacted me every four to five days. But when they sent me the link and article, I was astonished! I was like is this real? No WAY! But sure enough it was real! 

The Release. When the link came in, I actually waited a day to release the news. I even kept it a low profile. Kept it away from family and friends. I didn't want anyone to know I was being interviewed. Cause people I know they would just be like shooting me random questions and being criticized.  So I waited until it was official. speaking of official, here is the link to the Voyage LA Magazine Interview. (Click Here).

There are some photos that are not posted in my website. The ones in the article show other projects that I do. Always welcoming any art forms. If you would like to schedule, let me know.