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Modeling Gig - Test Shoot

That's right ladies and gentleman! You heard me! I was a modeling guinea pig , test subject, for my cousin's photo shoot. I have always wanted to be a model and I was never afraid to be in front  of the camera. But I never had the body or the looks to be in the business. I am too short for it, but I know I could do some lower end model shoots. But either way, my passion is in photography. It is my bread and butter. 

Taken by Patrick Owens Photography.

Concrete Studios LA

I recently visited my friend's studio and I have admit, that place is pretty cool. 

I haven't got to see this studio due to the fact I was busy with school and other gigs. But the opportunity opened up and I was able to go, this time around.  

Here below is a photo of my friend and his Newley wedded wife.  




Richard LR Elie is also a photographer. 

His website is